Monday, July 15, 2013

Acts 2:1-21 The Perfect Witness

I experienced a tornado warning my first day on the job here. A week ago Monday I was sitting in my new church office. The first half of the day had gone pretty well. I had unpacked my library and met with Pastor Dana. But I was ready to study because I knew I was going to preach. So I sat down and began to read through the book of Acts. And then my phone vibrated. It was a warning message. It was a warning message about a tornado in Chelmsford. It said, “Tornado warning. Take cover now.”

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Acts 1:6-8 Sometimes I think the Church is a little like a fairytale princess

Sometimes I think the church is a little like a fairytale princess. The story of Rapunzel is a story about a girl with long blonde hair. When she is a baby she is stolen away from her parents by an evil witch. This evil witch keeps her in a tall tower hidden away in the forest. Rapunzel grows older and her blonde hair grows longer. It grows so long the only way in or out of the tower is by climbing her hair. So for Rapunzel it seems almost impossible to escape. And not to mention what the scary witch might do if she tries.