Tuesday, June 12, 2012

50 Christian Blogs by 50 Non-Famous Christians

There are lots of links to the famous blogs out there that everybody knows about, but what about those blogs that rock but more people need to go to the show? This is my shout out to you! Here is a list of 50 Christian blogs by 50 Non-Famous Christians. Awesome people write them, and you should visit every single one of them.

*I do not guarantee the theology promoted by each of these sites, just that each one claims to follow Jesus. Use discernment and enjoy!


CraveSomethingMore.org - There's more to life than this and we know it. Blogger Chris Tomlinson wrote a book about satisfying our cravings in God. I bought it, read it, and got coffee with the author. Awesome.

A Funny ThingYou ever have one of those "Wow" moments (and not in a good way?) The kind of moment where you think "This is not normal..." This is for you. Enjoy. Blogger Sarah Ryan, one of our very own famous guest bloggers, writes about beauty in obscure places.

Theological Arsenal - Want to learn Reformed theology? Let the Arsenal unpack his knowledge on you! Stand and weep at the glory of it all. "Praise God from whom all blessings flow."

dustn.tv - Christianity. Creativity. Social Media. Dustin has one of the best looking Christian websites I have ever seen. If he would remake my website for free, I would take it. He's also a creative genius and looks good in aviator sunglasses.

Rachel's Randomness - A December '10 Southern Methodist University journalism major graduate and working Dallas girl at a small magazine, with a passion for writing with color and wit, who hopes to change the world a reader at a time.

Transforming Words - "Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind..." A theological and philosophical thinker who likes to write book reviews.

DeVotion - The title of one of Paul DeVos's recent blog posts, "If women dance... Snatch yourself one!" Enough said.

Brandon Gilliland - Amplifying God's Kingdom! His name is Brandon. He loves music, sports, and is a passionate follower of Jesus.

Life of a Steward - Christian Time Management. Follow Loren Pinilis as he seeks to humbly serve Christ through life's journey.

Blogging From the Boonies - Thoughts from a Christian Homeschooling Mom and a Compassion International Advocate. Follow Michelle. She was once a Wiccan, a Dead-head, and a hippie. Now she loves the Lord and wants to share the good news.


Bohemian Bowmans - A nomadic family with a penchant for the unconventional. Follow the Matriarch Jessica and her 4 wild things as she talks about "parenting, faith, compassion international, and unschooling."

Versical - Mike has been writing Christian poetry for around ten  years. He considers it a gift given to him to share and encourage others and to contribute to various sites as well as having two of his own. Check out his second site - Devotional Rhymes.

eFlections on Doing Life - Perspectives in the context of community. Follow Randy Kinnick as he lives life through community, all along the way attempting to apply God's truth.

Cycleguy's SpinRamblings from the mind of a guy whose mind is always spinning and a spinning. This guy likes bikes and he likes multiple font colors.

The Observer - Follow a Ukrainian Christian as she makes observations about life with God and humor firmly in her heart.

Faith That Moves - David Willard Jr. writes about how faith not only moves us, but moves the world around us.

Reformed and Loving It - Welcome! I'm glad you stopped by. Reformed and Loving It is a place dedicated to discussing and advancing a Reformed Christian world view as well as promoting the means of grace. I hope it is a blessing to you and I do welcome your comments.

The Rankin File - Check out a Southern Baptist preacher as he pastors a Presbyterian church in America.

God Talk - Senior Pastor David Reid has pastored First Baptist Church in Reading MA for over 30 years. Listen in as he shares devotionals and everyday insight into life in light of God's grace.

Awakenings - What happens when Christians awaken from sin sleep to righteousness in Jesus Christ? Follow Lawrence J. Caldwell on the Awakenings journey to find out.


Sanctified Rant - Dai Hankey's Blog. Dai is a self-described "charismatic with a Bible or a calvinist with a smile (depending on who was asking!)"

Live with Purpose Coaching - Joe is a consultant, author, and coach who wants to get you to chase down your dreams.

N Paul Williams - "Sometimes calling people out of the darkness means going in after them." Having read his book, Ripper Grimm, I can attest to him being an amazing author. Checkout his website. Buy his book.

An Arkansan in New England - Follow Sam. He's from the South. Now he's in the North. This blog is from a guy's perspective.

Deutschland Diaries - Life in Germany... again. Alli goes international with the name of Jesus.

Off The Beacon PathScenes From My Entrepreneurial Journey. Jack is a Christian businessman with an eye for internet marketing.

Theology Under Construction - Exploring the interplay between theology, history, philosophy, and life.

Brandon J. O'Brien - Reflections on Faith, Writing, and Education.

A Child's Peace -  Amy O'Brien (wife of Brandon J. O'Brien) writes about small people hearing God too.

Bob Hyatt - Personal site of coach, author, and pastor Bob Hyatt.


Chuck Warnock - Confessions of a Small-Church Pastor.

Further Up and In - "The purpose of this journal is to air out the thoughts and leanings in my head as  my family moves “further up and in” to the mission of God."

Signs of Life - David Swanson's Weblog. ”This blog is my signs of life collection: items of hope- however improbable- within conversation, over meals, during a church service, buried in a book or pulled from the headlines.”

Own Strachan - He blogs: theology, culture, history, politics, philosophy, basketball, hip-hop, and ephemera.

Out of Bounds - Theology in the Far Country. Follow Adam Nigh, Jon Coutts, Justin Stratis, and Darren Sumner and their group theology blog. They are four wicked smart PhD colleagues studying systematic theology at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland.

Jon Randall Coutts - PhD student discussing "Church & pastoral theology, forgiveness & reconciliation, gender & ministry, art & culture, and the works of Karl Barth & G.K. Chesterton."

Darren O. Sumner -  PhD student studying both Christology and Karl Barth.

Eat With Joy - Food, Faith, & Family: Justice, Joy, & Bread of Life.

The Evangelical Calvinist - Bobby Grow is a blogger and a PhD student in Systematic Theology at South African Theological Seminary.

Perichoretic LifeFormative stories about God's creative work in our daily lives today. Accepts guest stories!


New Epistles - Letters on Spirituality, Theology, Bible, and Life.

Apprehending Grace - "Apprehending that for which Christ has apprehended me."

Everyday Liturgy - "Everyday Liturgy exists to be not merely a blog but a conversation.  Too often blogs become bastions of individual expertise, a place to go to find someone’s opinion on everything, instead of a place to interact and grow."

C. OrthodoxyChristian, Contemporary, Conscientious… or Just Confused.

Our Rabbi Jesus - His Jewish Life and Teachings. 

Wayne Brown Ministries - Religious news from around the world. He also has recipes.

Kouya Chronicle - Eddie And Sue Arthur: Supporting Bible Translation

Her Christian Blog - "Her Christian Blog is the flagship blog for the Blog Island Christian channel. Blog Island’s Christian channel will represent the non-secular, living in a secular world."

Christian Apologetics - Scientific Evidence for a Creator God. "The myth of evolution, lack of fossil evidence, mathematical impossibilities of molecules-to-man, fossil hoaxes, DNA/RNA evidence against evolution...read the many blogs that testify of the evidence of a Creator God via science, historical, archeology, manuscripts, paleontology that is empirical, verifiable, and quantifiable. Its not a hope-so but a know-so fact."

I Love Atheists - not just their worldview.

*10 Bonus Blogs

Seminary Survival Guide - Practical wisdom to help you avoid burnout and finish well.

Young Christian Widow - A Journey of hope, peace, and joy in the midst of healing from loss. 

Widow's Christian PlaceYou're not alone. Here's a safe place, a growing place, a way out of the shadows of grief . . . This blog provides resources and Biblical direction for helping you trust Jesus through one of life's most difficult challenges.

Calvin and CalvinismAn Elenchus for Classic and Moderate Calvinism

Christian Groom Advice - Bachelor Party, Engagement, and Wedding Tips for the Groom and Groomsmen. This is another one of my websites. It's for Christian guys getting married.

She Worships - Theology for Women. 

Lively Dust - "The name of this blog refers to the Hebrew creation story in Genesis 2, where humankind is created from the dust of the earth and God’s own breath. We humans are, and are meant to be, lively dust--equally, inseparably, and forever matter and spirit."

Gifted for Leadership - Women Called to Ministry. 

Her.meneutics - The Christianity Today Blog for Women. This is a famous blog; but it's also an excellent blog.

Pastor Romig - Preaching and Teaching for anyone. I'd be crazy not to give a shout out to my own website. Check out my sermons, essays, and other resources.

Now It's Your Turn...

Wondering how I came up with this list? I explored the interwebs! More specifically, when I checked out a Christian website, I checked out who was commenting and followed those who posted links to their websites. It's a fun way to play internet-tag and come up with a whole bunch of non-famous bloggers.

If you got through the list and managed to visit every single one of these blogs, kudos to you! Now it's time to make your own blog post about "50 non-famous Christian blogs by 50 non-famous Christians." It's harder than you think, but it's a lot of fun, and you'll meet a lot of cool blogs and the people behind them on your way. Hey, maybe you can even compile a list of 100 blogs! All I ask is you give me a little credit for the original idea and send a recommendation my way. God bless!



  1. Thanks for this, it's nice to find new blogs to have a read of. The one about small people hearing God sounds good.

  2. I was surprised to see my blog on your list! (Though it is Blogging from the Boonies, not Bloogging from the Boonies! lol) Thanks for spreading the word!

  3. Hey, thanks for the Bohemian Bowmans shout out, man.

  4. Haha. Thanks Michelle! I updated the name so it's "Blogging!" You're welcome!

  5. You're welcome! Thanks for blogging quality stuff!

  6. Thanks kindly for including my little blog. You've pulled together quite the list and I look forward to exploring some new (to me) blogs. Thanks!

    -David Swanson (http://davidswanson.wordpress.com/)